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  • All weather traction
  • M+S
  • High-speed controllability
  • Reduced road noise levels



The L-ZEAL56 A/S Tire - From iLink

The tire guarantees a first-rate all-weather performance. The asymmetric tread design and the all-season tire compound enhance the dry, wet, and winter weather traction. 


The asymmetric tread’s siping detail upgrades the number of biting edges gripping the road surface during the tire’s high-speed performance. The all-season compound keeps the tire’s flexible traction throughout the year, including in colder temperatures. The circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush below the tire’s footprint.


Warranty only provided via  direct purchase from ATW


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  • Size LI & SS
    195/45R15 82VXL
    195/45R16 84V
    195/45R16 84WXL
    195/50R16 84V
    205/45R16 87WXL
    205/50R16 91WXL
    205/55R16 91W
    205/55R16 94WXL
    215/55R16 97WXL
    225/55R16 99WXL
    195/40R17 81WXL
    205/40R17 84WXL
    205/45R17 88WXL
    205/50R17 93WXL
    205/55ZR17 95WXL
    215/40R17 87WXL
    215/45R17 91WXL
    215/50R17 95WXL
    215/55R17 94W
    225/45R17 94WXL
    225/50R17 98WXL
    225/55R17 101WXL
    235/45R17 97WXL
    235/50R17 100WXL
    235/55R17 103WXL
    245/40R17 95WXL
    245/45R17 99WXL
    215/35R18 84WXL
    215/40R18 89WXL
    215/45R18 93WXL
    215/50ZR18 92W
    215/55R18 99WXL
    225/40R18 92WXL
    225/45R18 95WXL
    225/50ZR18 99WXL
    225/55R18 102WXL
    235/40R18 95WXL
    235/45R18 98WXL
    235/50R18 97V
    235/55R18 104VXL
    245/40R18 97WXL
    245/45R18 100WXL
    245/50ZR18 104WXL
    255/35ZR18 94WXL
    255/40ZR18 99WXL
    255/45R18 99W
    255/50R18 106VXL
    255/55R18 105V
    265/35ZR18 97WXL
    265/40ZR18 101WXL
    275/40ZR18 103WXL
    285/35ZR18 101WXL
    205/55R19 97VXL
    225/35R19 84W
    225/40ZR19 93WXL
    225/55R19 99V
    235/35R19 91WXL
    235/45R19 95W
    235/50R19 103VXL
    235/55R19 105VXL
    245/35R19 93WXL
    245/40ZR19 98WXL
    245/45R19 98W
    245/55R19 103V
    255/35R19 96WXL
    255/45R19 100W
    255/50R19 103V
    255/55R19 111VXL
    265/30ZR19 93WXL
    265/50R19 110VXL
    275/30ZR19 96WXL
    275/35ZR19 100YXL
    275/40ZR19 105WXL
    275/45R19 108VXL
    275/55R19 111VXL
    285/45R19 111VXL
    195/55R20 91V
    225/30ZR20 85WXL
    225/35R20 90WXL
    235/30ZR20 88WXL
    235/35R20 92WXL
    235/55ZR20 105WXL
    245/30ZR20 95WXL
    245/35R20 95WXL
    245/40ZR20 99WXL
    245/45ZR20 103WXL
    245/50ZR20 105WXL
    255/30ZR20 92YXL
    255/35R20 97WXL
    255/45ZR20 105WXL
    255/50R20 109VXL
    265/45ZR20 108WXL
    265/50R20 111VXL
    275/30R20 97WXL
    275/35ZR20 102WXL
    275/40ZR20 106WXL
    275/45R20 110VXL
    275/50R20 113VXL
    275/55R20 117VXL
    275/60R20 119HXL
    285/30ZR20 99WXL
    285/50R20 116VXL
    305/35R20 107VXL
    305/40R20 112VXL
    315/35ZR20 110WXL
    255/30ZR21 93W
    245/35ZR21 96WXL
    275/30ZR21 98WXL
    275/40ZR21 107WXL
    275/45ZR21 110WXL
    275/50R21 113VXL
    315/35ZR21 111WXL
    315/40R21 115VXL
    235/30R22 90WXL
    245/30R22 92WXL
    255/30R22 95WXL
    265/30ZR22 97WXL
    265/45ZR22 110WXL
    285/35ZR22 106WXL
    285/50R22 118VXL
    295/25ZR22 97WXL
    295/40R22 112VXL
    255/30ZR24 97WXL
  • Warranty only provided via  direct purchase from ATW

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