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1. Exceptional Winter Traction: The iLink Snow Gripper 1 is engineered with a specialized tread pattern designed to provide exceptional traction on snow and ice-covered roads. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding in winter weather.

2. Multiple Size Options: These tires are available in various sizes, ensuring there's a perfect fit for your vehicle, whether you drive a compact car or an SUV.

3. All-Weather Capability: While optimized for winter conditions, the Snow Gripper 1 also performs well in cold and wet weather. Its unique rubber compound remains flexible in low temperatures, delivering reliable grip.

4. Improved Handling: Experience enhanced handling and control, even in challenging winter scenarios. The Snow Gripper 1's design promotes stability and confident cornering.

5. Peace of Mind: iLink Tires is known for its commitment to quality and safety. The Snow Gripper 1 is no exception, providing peace of mind for your winter journeys.


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  • Size LI & SS
    145/70R13 71T
    145/80R13 75T
    155/65R13 73T
    155/70R13 75T
    155/80R13 79T
    165/70R13 79T
    165/80R13 83T
    175/65R13 80T
    175/70R13 82T
    155/65R14 75T
    165/60R14 75H
    165/65R14 79T
    165/70R14 81T
    175/65R14 82T
    175/70R14 84T
    185/55R14 80H
    185/60R14 82T
    185/65R14 86T
    185/70R14 88T
    195/60R14 86H
    195/65R14 89H
    195/70R14 91T
    165/60R15 81HXL
    165/65R15 81T
    175/55R15 77H
    175/60R15 81H
    175/65R15 84T
    185/55R15 82H
    185/60R15 84H
    185/65R15 88T
    195/50R15 82V
    195/55R15 85H
    195/60R15 88H
    195/65R15 95TXL
    205/60R15 91H
    205/65R15 94H
    205/70R15 96T
    215/65R15 96H
    185/50R16 81V
    185/55R16 83H
    185/60R16 86H
    195/45R16 84VXL
    195/50R16 84V
    195/55R16 91HXL
    205/45R16 87VXL
    205/50R16 91VXL
    205/55R16 91H
    205/60R16 92H
    205/65R16 95H
    215/45R16 90VXL
    215/55R16 97HXL
    215/60R16 99HXL
    215/65R16 98T
    225/55R16 95H
    225/60R16 98H
    225/65R16 100T
    205/40R17 84VXL
    205/45R17 88VXL
    205/50R17 93HXL
    205/55R17 95HXL
    215/40R17 87VXL
    215/45R17 91VXL
    215/50R17 95HXL
    215/55R17 98VXL
    225/45R17 94VXL
    225/50R17 98HXL
    225/55R17 101HXL
    235/45R17 97HXL
    235/55R17 103HXL
    245/40R17 95VXL
    245/45R17 99VXL
    215/45R18 93VXL
    215/55R18 99HXL
    225/40R18 92HXL
    225/45R18 95HXL
    225/50R18 99HXL
    225/55R18 98H
    235/40R18 95VXL
    235/45R18 98HXL
    235/50R18 97V
    235/55R18 104HXL
    245/40R18 97VXL
    245/45R18 100HXL
    245/50R18 104HXL
    255/40R18 99HXL
    255/45R18 99V
    225/40R19 93VXL
    225/45R19 96VXL
    225/55R19 99H
    235/35R19 91VXL
    235/45R19 99VXL
    235/50R19 103VXL
    235/55R19 105HXL
    245/50R19 105HXL
    255/35R19 96VXL
    255/40R19 100HXL
    255/45R19 104HXL
    235/55R20 105HXL
    245/35R20 95VXL
    245/50R20 105HXL
    255/35R20 97VXL
    255/40R20 101VXL
  • Warranty only provided via  direct purchase from ATW

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