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Key Features:


1. Superior Winter Traction: The Wintervorhut Stud 3 boasts an advanced design with a focus on maximizing traction on ice and snow. You can trust these tires to deliver exceptional grip, keeping you in control on slippery winter roads.

2. Wide Range of Sizes: To accommodate various vehicles, the Wintervorhut Stud 3 is available in a wide range of sizes. Whether you drive a compact car, SUV, or truck, there's a size that suits your needs.

3. Proven Performance: iLink Tires is known for its commitment to performance and safety. The Wintervorhut Stud 3 is no exception, providing a balance of grip, wear resistance, and reduced rolling resistance for a smooth and secure winter driving experience.

4. Enhanced Cornering Stability: Thanks to its square shoulder design, the Wintervorhut Stud 3 offers improved stability during cornering. You can navigate winter curves and turns with confidence.

5. M+S Winter Rated: While optimized for winter conditions, these tires also perform admirably in cold, wet weather. They maintain their flexibility in low temperatures, ensuring reliable grip.


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  • Size LI & SS
    185/75R16C 104/102R 8PR
    195/75R16C 107/105R 8PR
    235/65R16C 121/119R 10PR
    225/75R16C 116/114R 8PR
    LT225/75R16 115/112Q 10PR
    LT245/75R16 120/116Q 10PR
    LT265/70R17 121/118Q 10PR
    LT275/65R18 119/116Q 8PR
    LT275/60R20 119/116Q 8PR
    215/70R16 100T
    225/70R16 107TXL
    245/70R16 111TXL
    245/75R16 111T
    215/60R17 100TXL
    215/65R17 103TXL
    225/60R17 103T XL
    225/65R17 106TXL
    235/65R17 108TXL
    265/65R17 112T
    265/70R17 115T
    225/60R18 104TXL
    235/55R18 104TXL
    235/60R18 103T
    245/60R18 109TXL
    255/55R18 109TXL
    265/60R18 114TXL
    275/65R18 116T
    235/55R19 105TXL
    245/55R19 107TXL
    255/55R19 107T
    275/55R20 117TXL
    275/60R20 115T
  • Warranty only provided via  direct purchase from ATW

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